Court Reporting and Videoconferencing

Coash & Coash provides a full range of Phoenix court reporting services to the legal community, from interactive realtime to live depositions by videoconference between remote locations. We know that attorneys demand accountability and accuracy. We have built our reputation on meeting and exceeding those high standards.

Our professional, certified reporters are qualified to handle unusual assignments, strict deadlines, daily turnaround requests, and in the end, deliver your product in the latest digital formats that you require for today’s high-tech working environment.

Coash & Coash is a reporter-owned firm with over 30 years of experience in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our range of services and products has evolved with our clients’ needs. In addition to offering you a standard or digitized order, including videotaped depositions, we can provide you with the facilities to conduct a deposition of your remote witness by videoconference.

Whether you reside on the East Coast and have to depose a witness in Arizona or you’re in Arizona and need to depose a witness in Chicago, we can set up a high-quality videoconference between you and your remote party for a live, face-to-face session. And, even better, you escape the cost of air travel and overnight lodging and stay close to home.

We are proud to have some of the top law firms and attorneys in Arizona among our clientele. We look forward to providing you with the same excellent service our clients have come to expect.

You may schedule your deposition or videoconference online, or you can reach us at:

602.258.2062 (fax)
1.800.262.DEPO (3376) Toll Free
1.800.537.DEPO (3376) Toll Free in Arizona

Proud Member of:

1802 North 7th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85006
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  • Registered Merit Reporter
  • Certified LiveNote Reporter
  • Certified Realtime Reporter